Every Donation Makes a Difference

Through your support, we teach the sport of rowing to the Vero Beach community; providing opportunities, building friendships and promoting physical fitness.

VBR 2022 Spring Challenge

Our 2022 Spring Challenge is underway!  Please help us reach our goals to expand our programs and reach more individuals who call this area home.  Thanks to donations and the efforts of our Board of Directors, we have a coaching staff that brings outstanding knowledge and experience as well as a state-of-the-art boathouse to call home.  Now is an opportunity to add to our scholarships, increase programs offered to youth and adults and to expand our fleet.

Our foundation is strong and Vero Beach Rowing’s momentum is palpable.  We hope you’ll consider donating today!

Click here to read more about the 2022 VBR Spring Challenge and to make a contribution to help us reach our fundraising goal

Other Donor Options

Disadvantaged Youth Program This fund provides direct support of the costs of our program for disadvantaged children to row. Long seen as an elite sport, rowing programs all over the US are making an effort to include disadvantaged youth to give them all of the benefits of rowing, including the best prospects for college scholarships of any sport. VBR has partnered with various local nonprofits to identify eligible youth and to transport them to our facility.

Send a Kid to Camp In 2021, we had over 80 kids at eight weeks of summer camp. Even with subsidies, our camp costs $200 per week to attend. Over 30% of our kids last summer needed support. Your support will help send a kid to our camp.

General Fund This fund covers operating costs and is available all year long for donations. VBR relies on donations to make what we do possible and affordable for all!

Boats and Equipment We need boats to row as well as a lot of associated equipment. Our equipment gets heavily used and is on a regular replacement schedule. Please help us buy boats! Vero Beach Rowing has a policy of having the money to pay for equipment of any kind before it is purchased. We never borrow money or pay over time.

More info:

Major Donations For larger donations that may have an impact over time. Vero Beach Rowing maintains accounts at the Indian River Community Foundation where the money can be deposited and be invested. Please contact our Treasurer for information at Treasurer@verobeachrowing.org. Existing Funds include;

  • Vero Beach Rowing Youth Achievement Fund—Supports longer term planning and investment to expand our Disadvantaged Youth Programs
  • Vero Beach Rowing Capital Fund—Supports capital improvements, large maintenance and purchasing of boats and other needed equipment.
  • Chris Ryan Rowing Endowment Fund—Long term fund for support of the purchase of boats and needed equipment.

Donating Stock and other Non-Cash Contributions We can accept most kinds of donations through our relationship with the Indian River Community Foundation. Please contact our Treasurer at Treasurer@verobeachrowing.org.

Bequests and Planned Giving A planned gift is a great way to ensure that future generations will continue to enjoy the unique benefits of rowing in our beautiful environment while allowing you and your family to maximize the financial rewards of your philanthropy. These gifts are structured to help you realize the full range of the tax and income incentives provided by law to encourage your charitable giving. Contact our Treasurer for more information or any assistance needed at Treasurer@verobeachrowing.org. If you have already made a provision for Vero Beach Rowing in your estate plan, please let us know so that we may acknowledge your gift. Thank you!