VBR Masters @ 2019 Sarasota Invitational Regatta

Vero Beach Rowing entered five Masters into various competitions.  The conditions were quite wild with winds from the South and changing to the SSW up to 20 mph!,,and it was HOT!  Our races were 1,000 meters which is “all out” for anywhere from 4-5 1/2 minutes.  All Vero Beach Masters received Medals by the end of the day.   

A special congratulations goes out to Chuck Cook, one of your Board Members for winning the 2019 Klecatsky Award.

A special shout out goes to Todd Young, who drove the trailer back from Sarasota after a 3 race day and multi hour delay due to a traffic accident which closed the road.  Thank you Todd! (Fortunately, I was ahead of Todd and missed it! ) 

I truly enjoy the efforts of our Recreational Rowers and I look forward to rowing with you.  Feel free to speak with your coach should you have an interest in competing.  There are numerous categories and novice categories as well.  We are a team; let’s grow together! 

Please join me in recognizing the efforts of Vero Beach Rowing Masters who competed this past weekend. 

Patty Gleason

3rd4:30.1Womens Masters Ltwt 1xLinda Merk-Gould
4th3:53.29Mens Masters 1xTodd Young
1st3:29.5Mens Masters 1x
1st3:13.1Mens Masters 1xChuck Cook
1st3:59.27Womens Masters 2-Eva Szigethy, Nikki Navta
3rd4:07.5Womens Masters 2xPatty Gleason Cindy Shirts
1st3:14.94Mens Masters 4xYoung, Jones, Crossley, Baney
4th3:56.89Womens Masters 4xGleason, Merk-Gould, Shirts, Freed